Functional medicine for business

This is not your standard corporate wellness program.

This is personal, 1:1 actionable advice and real results in two key areas that are leading your employees to be less productive and focused: stress and nutrition.

Because employee presenteeism costs your company far more $ than employee absenteeism.

According to Harvard Business Review and the Journal of the America Medical Association, on-the-job productivity loss was roughly three times greater than absence-related productivity loss.

Are your employees performing at the top of their game while clocking hours?

Our functional results lead to healthier, happier, more focused employees.

What we offer:

A day with a dietitian.

  • Schedule back to back 45 minute on-site consultations for your employees to discuss nutrition.
  • Targeted appointments to fix nutrition problems, e.g. unbalanced blood sugars leading to afternoon brain fog, lack of meal planning leading to nutrient poor meals at work. 
  • Take away actionable steps/goals to implement now.

Executive wellness consults

  • Comprehensive wellness lab panel (more detailed bloodwork than you’ll get from any doctor) and 4-point cortisol (stress hormone) saliva curve done before visit.
  • One hour consultation with MD followed by 30 minute consultation with dietitian on site.
  • Targeted wellness plan based on your health goals and test results.

Lunch and learn

  • Possible topics include meal prep demo, healthy eating on the go, meal planning for busy professionals, and ways to beat stress now, and more.
  • Let us bring a culture of healthy eating and living into your work space.